About Chrysalis Center

The Chrysalis Center provides integrated psychological health services that value the complexity of the human mind and experience. This includes a respect for cultural, social, familial, biological, and individual factors that shape one’s experience in life. Beyond alleviation of problematic symptoms, we aim to increase well-being and resilience through a more fully experienced and meaningful life.

At Chrysalis, we do not treat diseases; we treat people. We understand that the mind, body, and interactions are complex-too complex to be healed from treatments prescribed for a disease rather than for a whole person. As we grow, we will provide ancillary services, including yoga, nutrition, sleep, meditation, and other mind-body treatments.

our mission

Our Mission at Chrysalis is to facilitate healing in communities. We want to provide a psychological presence in social and professional spaces through outreach, education, research, training, and shared clinical wisdom. We want to create deeper, fuller, and more meaningful lives through authentic connection, one person and one community at a time.

Chrysalis Center professionals are deeply committed to their mission. We value the complexity and integrated nature of the process of psychological growth. We believe in kindness, respect, and the autonomy of the individual. We cultivate a collaborative healing process, with our patients and with each other.

Our Team

Zane Dodd, PhD

Director, Clinical Services



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Carla Pulliam, PhD

Director, Community Impact



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Karolina Shander, PhD

Senior Staff



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