Life Transitions

Transitions in life are inevitable, and so is the stress that accompanies these changes. Changes in health, relationships, work, and school are just some of the transitions with which people struggle. Studies have found that some of the most stressful life transitions include death of a close family member or friend, divorce or separation, personal injury, illness, or surgery, or getting fired from your job. However, even seemingly “positive” transitions, such as marriage, new home, having a newborn, promotions at work, and others, can cause distress.

Not only does stress from major changes contribute to mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety, but studies have also found that many people report physical health difficulties-chronic pain, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal distress, and more- following life transitions.  In the case of transitions due to loss (e.g., death, end of relationship, unemployment, physical health deterioration), it is normal and healthy to have a period of grief and mourning.

Everyone responds to transitions differently and there is not a standard time frame to adapt to changes in your life. One way to help, no matter how recent the changes occurred, is through talking to a psychologist. If you find yourself struggling to adjust to changes in your life, our doctors as Chrysalis can help by identifying what has made the transition difficult, exploring new ways to cope, and better understanding who you’ve become in the process of the transition.