Depression is one of the most common reasons people seek counseling. It is also one of the leading causes of disability, both nationally and worldwide.  Depression is different from simply feeling sad or having “a case of the blues.”  Depression is a persistent state of low mood and energy that is often accompanied by negative thoughts about self, others, and the world.  These symptoms impact each person differently, but often involve diminished or lack of interest in things that used to feel enjoyable.  Low self-esteem/confidence/self-worth, changes in appetite and sleeping, difficulties with focus and concentration, feelings of guilt or hopelessness and sometimes even thoughts and/or plans of suicide can plague those suffering from clinical depression.

Depression derives from multiple potential causes. Biological, environmental, interpersonal factors as well as habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, can all impact its development.  People often feel they don’t deserve to feel depressed, that their problems aren’t big enough to cause sadness, or that they should be able to work harder and make their feelings go away, thus further contributing to feelings of guilt already exacerbated by clinical depression. Others have histories of terribly traumatic events and might have felt depressed as long as they can remember. Generally speaking, approximately 9% of people will experience a depressive episode during a given year, and 30% of people will experience a clinical depressive episode within their lifetime.  Depression will often be accompanied by other concerns such as anxiety and substance use, and multiple depressive episodes contribute to the likelihood of more episodes in the future.

We understand the emotionally painful and debilitating effects depression can have on your life.  We know you may have lost hope that things can ever feel better, and you may feel the future looks bleak.  Chrysalis doctors have extensive experience with depression.  Together, we will explore the nature and course of your depression, and we will seek to understand the complex factors related to its development.  We will work together to understand your depression and increase your ability to reduce it, while striving for the improved pleasure, fulfillment, and meaning in your life that at the moment might not seem possible.