The Chrysalis Difference

our story

With more than three decades of combined experience working across multiple therapeutic settings, the Chrysalis partners have had ample time to form opinions about ways to improve traditional psychological care. Certain drawbacks to common approaches of psychological intervention became obvious, and few existing centers addressed these concerns. Chrysalis was born from a desire to provide better care.

At a time when the field is moving towards generic, one-size-fits-all interventions based on reductionistic disease models of mental health, Chrysalis believes the individual is special and unique. The interactions of mind and body are complex-too complex to be healed solely by treatments prescribed for a disease, rather than a person. Chrysalis believes in combinations of integrative practices, tailored to the individual.  We consider the entire person, including their context and development across time, prior to making recommendations.

At Chrysalis, the therapy process is a collaborative one, in which the professional knowledge of the therapist and the subjective wisdom of the individual mutually determine the path. This collaborative process becomes evident in the initial assessment phase, which is intended to provide a more thorough understanding of the current functioning and personality of the individual, couple, or family. This assessment also identifies relative strengths to be maximized. While we address and work to improve the symptoms causing suffering and difficulty in your life, we additionally aim higher. One should not just survive but rather build upon his or her strengths in order to thrive. Our approach is grounded in science, clinical experience, and continuous collaborative calibration with each person or group. Consequently, a patient at the Chrysalis Center should navigate and complete treatment with greater happiness, meaning, purpose, and more fulfilling relationships.

At Chrysalis, our staff is committed to these same values. We cultivate a professional environment that supports both the personal and professional growth of each therapist. We believe that therapists who are supported and passionate about their work are more engaged and available to their patients. This enthusiasm is palpable at Chrysalis. We enjoy and find great meaning in the difference we can make within the treatment rooms, communities and elsewhere.

The Evolution of our Value System

The Chrysalis Center has been growing conceptually over many years. A chrysalis is the protective shell, akin to a moth’s cocoon, from which a butterfly emerges. This intrinsic transitional state is made possible through the protective and nurturing environment that the chrysalis provides. While this phenomenon is observed throughout the natural world, it’s important to note that humans also possess this innate capacity to transform, given the right environment.

While Chrysalis doctors and providers have various interests and specialties, we all share core values. We value the complexity and integrated nature of the process of psychological growth. We appreciate just how deeply our personalities are embedded in relationships, from infancy to current interactions, and we respect how this translates to the therapy relationship. We believe in kindness, respect, and the autonomy of the individual in the therapy process. We value engagement within organizations, communities, research and scholarship. Lastly, we all seek to cultivate a collaborative therapeutic process with one another.

We Value

The significance of authenticity, connection, and integrity in relationships.

Truly personalized services, due to the highly unique nature of each person and relationship.

Recognition of how we are all embedded within our family, social, cultural, and other groups.

Respect for the complex connections of the body, brain, and mind.

Human development as a lifelong process and symptoms as guideposts for personal growth.

A staff that is committed to continual growth and professional development.

Commitment to connecting with all of our neighbors, regardless of circumstance or station in life.

A desire to enhance living, in addition to reducing difficult symptoms.

Our vision

Helping humankind find greater well-being, meaning, and purpose in life through continual development and authentic connections.