COVID Statement

COVID Statement

As in all things Chrysalis, we recognize the unique circumstances surrounding each encounter with our patients. Consequently, as vaccination rates increase and the spread of COVID decreases, we understand that some patients may need/prefer to return to the office to meet in person as opposed to continuing to meet with their clinician virtually. After much thought and consultation, we have identified some parameters that influence the choice to meet in person or not.


Your clinician will be considering the following clinical indications as the two of you mutually determine whether in person or teletherapy sessions are most appropriate:

  • Clinical indications that might facilitate in person work over virtual work 
  • Patients who struggle to sustain a connection with their therapist virtually
  • Patients who are profoundly isolated from people generally
  • Patients who have regressed, or started doing worse, when they were unable to see their therapist in person
  • Patients who lack privacy at home and/or put themselves at some emotional or physical safety risk by speaking with their therapist from home
  • Patients who have a preference to meet in person and feel that the risks of contracting COVID are acceptable.

This list is not exhaustive. There may be other circumstances under which you and your provider determine in person meetings might be better/helpful/more clinically indicated. Please raise any thoughts/concerns with your provider for discussion.

When meeting with patients in person, your Chrysalis provider will be complying with all legal, ethical and best practice recommendations from the CDC and other relevant national, state or local bodies.

Finally, we have consulted with several institutions regarding the ethico-legal repercussions of your safety and ours, and have developed an informed consent that your provider will review with you (and mutually sign) in the case that you choose in person meetings.