Updated COVID Policies

Updated COVID Policies

At Chrysalis we have done our utmost to digest information regarding COVID risk and the various recommendations and laws of local and national authorities in formulating our COVID office policies.

Our requests to wait outside and mask in public spaces were designed to minimize aerosol particles and their absorption in our space. To the extent that fomites are involved in the transmission of disease we also requested limited touching of surfaces. 

With the current availability of vaccine and data regarding decreased infection post vaccine, and with updates to local laws and national recommendations, we are no longer making the above requests. You may now choose to wait in the waiting room or in your car.  You may also choose to mask or unmask in the building. Your Chrysalis providers are vaccinated, but are happy to mask if that is your preference.

Our goal is for you to be able to function according to your own comfort level while at Chrysalis. We understand that there are  individual differences and preferences. Please feel free to ask and/or discuss any relevant information or reactions with your provider.

Thank you for your compliance and patience as we all adjust to these unique times.


The Chrysalis Team