Yoga Instructors

Ranjeeta Rath

Yoga is my passion—one that started when I was a child growing up in India. There, yoga is not just an exercise—it is a way of life.  My passion started in the classroom, where yoga was taught before math, reading, and writing.  It grew further at home, where yoga was embedded in the fabric of our daily routines.  My passion for yoga has led me on a journey to become an expert and to find better health, energy, and living.

I received my professional training from the highly reputed teaching school Live, Love, Teach Yoga and began teaching in the Dallas area in 2014. I have also refined my skills by completing numerous boot camps and workshops all over the United States and India.  I have been blessed to have learned from some of the greatest yoga teachers.  What I share in my classes is an accumulation of the methods I learned from them as well as what I continue to learn from my own daily practice.  Every teacher I have learned from has influenced my teaching and my application of yoga philosophy to my practice.

I opened my own boutique studio in 2016 and ran it for more than four years. Due to the change in the business environment, I had to make the tough decision to close it in 2020. But my teaching has never stopped, as my love of yoga increases every time I step onto my mat. During the four years of owning my studio, I taught more than 1,500 classes. I learned more than I thought I could. Every class was designed for the needs of the students.

My classes will challenge you both physically and mentally, regardless of your skill level, and are designed to advance your physical, mental, and emotional growth at a faster pace. There is always a space for everyone in yoga. Yoga introduces a person to his/her own strength. It creates a trust in oneself. The benefits of yoga in my life are numerous: I have increased physical strength and energy, as well as a greater awareness of the smallest nuances in my environment.  I believe that when taught properly, yoga leads to a better way of life.



1130 N. Kimball, Ste 120, Southlake TX 76092

Diane Pintar

I am a Yoga Alliance-certified 200 E-RYT, YACEP. While I’ve been a practicing yogi for 18 years, over the last 6 I have enjoyed teaching a wide range of yoga formats to the community here in Texas.

I believe that there is a form of yoga suited for every body because true yoga does not need to be practiced on your mat—it can be done anywhere. I love helping students find what works best for them, so that they can find that place of peace and transformation in both their physical being and within themselves. My teaching style, whether it be a more fluid vinyasa practice, restorative yin, or a deep guided meditation, is to allow a student to move to their ability and skill level and learn what works best for their body. I have experience teaching kids and family classes, as well as group classes and private sessions. I also teach Yoga Nidra, which is a restorative form of guided meditation known as yogic sleep.

I enjoy getting to know my students and seeing the progress they make for themselves with yoga. It truly is a practice of progress that aids in allowing you to release stress and tension in the body and mind while also learning to find peace and expansion within.



(940) 268-5031

1130 N. Kimball, Ste 120, Southlake TX 76092